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Have you received a wind-up notice?

You can do three things:
Contacting an experienced solicitor with industry knowledge can buy you time by getting the solicitor to seek an adjournment in the court against these proceedings. This will enable you to have more time to formulate a plan.
Despite your current financial position, there are alternative finance available to bolster your cash flow. These lenders primarily rely on your invoices as security for the loan but there are some lenders that will provide second mortgages against real estate properties.
Your last available option is voluntary administration. This is where a registered liquidator is appointed to your company as an interim caretaker to review your business in a formal manner to determine whether the business is viable and can overcome the trading difficulties of the past.

Alternative Finance

There are a range of alternative finance available to bolster your cash flow. What we do is connect you with trusted financiers who will provide you products and services to suit your industry. These products and services include:
We liaise with valuers suitable to liquidators if you choose to wind-up your company.
insolvency service
insolvency service

Invoice Finance

Invoice finance is available to those businesses who supply products and services on standard credit payment terms. In this type of financing, the value of your invoices will serve as security of your loan. There is thus no need to mortgage your personal property or the property of your company. Most financiers also offer fast approval of the loan, as fast as within 24 hours.

Voluntary Administration

Voluntary administration is a formal procedure where an insolvency practitioner is appointed to act as independent administrator of an insolvent company to maximize the chances of the business to restructure and continue in existence or where that is not possible, providing a better return to creditors than an immediate winding up.

These are the steps involved when you decide to pursue voluntary administration:
Contact an insolvency practitioner. The IP will determine whether a Voluntary Administrator is the best course of action for your company and its creditors.
A Voluntary Administrator will then be appointed.
A first meeting will be held within 8 days of appointment of the Voluntary Administrator.
The Voluntary Administrator investigates company affairs and report alternatives to creditors. At this stage, the Voluntary Administrator will either recommend to end the voluntary administration, have a deed of company arrangement (DOCA) approved, or wind up the company and appoint a liquidator.
A second meeting will be held within 25 days of appointment of the voluntary administrator.
insolvency service
insolvency service

Financial Assessment

If any of the following indicators are familiar, you should call or contact us for a referral to a registered liquidator suited to your industry: